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Tarmac Works was founded in 2014 and we are a team of cars and model cars enthusiasts based in Hong Kong.  We are 110% passionate about what we do and love working with like-minded suppliers and brands in a collaborative manner.  Fun and excitement are a huge part of what we do and this is reflective on our branding and packaging.

Our main focus is in premium-quality 1:64 scale replica model cars while we also produce 1:43 scale models as well with our very first model being the Honda Civic EG6.

We have a number of collections and here is a short summary of each of them.

64 scale


Hobby-grade diecast models mostly consisting of race cars and modified cars.  Wheels may or may not roll properly as the priority is placed at the authentic ride height.  The majority of these come in a display case. 


HOBBY64 and with an opening front or rear bonnet plus a detailed engine bay.


Same as HOBBY64 but road cars with a lower retail price.


Detailed diecast models that serves both as a collectible as well as a car to be played with as the wheels roll properly.  In terms of packaging, they either come in a clamshell blister or a window box.


We love working with like-minded brands such as MiniGT, Schuco, Ignition Model and Minichamps to create synergy and this is our line of collaboration models.


All cars need accessories and this is a line of accessories ranging from garage tools to rooftop parts to a full on pit garage. 


Coming in 2022!

Other scales


Diecast and detailed models with an affordable price tag.


Premium resin model but this line has been discontinued since 2020 until further notice.


To join our model car revolution, please join us on social media:

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If you like what we do and interested in having our cars in your shop, please contact us at sales@tarmacworks.com