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Tarmac Works was founded on November 2014 and since then, thanks to each and everyone of you, we have had a healthy following of collectors and model car enthusiasts.  By creating the Tarmac Works Owners Club (TWOC), the goal is to unite everyone into a community where we can provide additional benefits, priority purchase and exclusive products.


2022-23 Membership: Starts @ 22:00 Hong Kong Time, Dec 3rd, 2022 or on the day of purchase and expires on 21:59 on Dec 3rd, 2023.

2021-22 Membership ends on 21:59, Dec 3rd, 2022.


#004 (2022-23): Datsun 510 BRE #46 - 1,999 pcs produced. Buy Now!

#003 (2021-22): Toyota Hiace Widebody Drift Version - 1,999 pcs produced.

#002 (2020-21): Pagani Zonda Cinque - Black Mamba - 1,999 pcs produced.

#001 (2019-20): RWB 930 Southern Cross - 1,500 pcs produced.


- *NEW FOR 2022-23* We are introducing Tarmac Reward Points on December 3rd, 2022 and members will get 1.5x points for every purchase. Points can then be redeemed to exchange for cash discount or selected items in our WebStore. 

*NEW FOR 2022-23* Complimentary of 200 Tarmac Reward Points 

*NEW FOR 2022-23* Complimentary of 50 Tarmac Reward Points for your Birthday

- Exclusive access to purchase the Member's Only Model (MOM) with a minimum of 2 models per year.

- Exclusive 10% discounts on every item in our WebStore.

- Exclusive 24-hour early bird purchase window on all regular items, special editions and collaboration models.

- Early-bird entry and/or private sale session for TWOC members at MiniCar Fest events.

- Individually numbered membership card.


1/ Log-in with your existing email account or register a new one right here at our WebStore (http://www.tarmacworks.com).

2/ Purchase the current year's TWOC model in our WebStore. Purchasing the TWOC models from previous years will not entitle you to member privileges of the current active year. 

3/ Once the purchase is complete, your account will be tagged as a member.  Exclusive member pages and discounts will show up automatically after you have logged in. 


- Limit to 1 membership per person/email per membership year.  

- All rights reserved by Tarmac Works in case of disputes. 


Please email us at sales@tarmacworks.com should you have any questions.